Monday, February 18, 2013



Jet Satisfaction, Guitar Wolf Records

Guitar Wolf doesnt really speak English. That's a fact. Even after all his years of touring the world, he doesn't seem to have picked up any English. It's cause the guy was raised by wolves and American rock n roll. It is like he has a split personality. Singing in English comes naturally to him but as soon as his guitar is away, his English knowledge leaves his body. Maybe the guitar is the one who speaks English and not the wolf.

But who cares? Guitar Wolf is awesome! Want proof? When One Chord Progression met him for an interview, he was wearing sunglasses. And when we asked to take a picture, he said yes, left the room, and came back with DIFFERENT SUNGLASSES! YES! That is a cool dude.

What? What about the actual music on the record? Well, it's a Guitar Wolf album, what do you think the music is? Fast and loud rock n roll!

But what about hiding the drummer in the liner notes inside the sleeve? You have to put that yakuza/kungfu drummer on the sleeve, son!!!!

-Tony LoFi



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Guitar Wolf's website

Photos by Sara Gage from Guitar Wolf's 3/31/12 Knitting Factory show

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