Thursday, February 28, 2013


George Tabb, a longtime pal of One Chord Progression and super famous punk rocker (Furious George, Iron Prostate), punk rock writer (MRR, author of "Playing Right Field: A Jew Grows in Greenwich" and "Surfing Armageddon: Fishnets, Fascists and Body Fluids in Florida", both of which you should buy right now) and president of Volume & Tone (awesome leather guitar straps and leather accessories) is dealing with some super un-punk rock things like steep medical bills. He was living down by the World Trade Center back in 2001 and has had a lot of health problems since 9/11. 

Here's a message from the man himself:

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, I find myself in a difficult situation, as these economic times suck. 
It turns out I need some more surgeries, and can't even keep up with my health-care payments!
Therefore, I asked my pal, Bryan Swirsky, to help me out by selling lots of my old rare punk rock albums! 

Please have a look and if you like it, please consider buying it! The ones listed with the abbreviation "GT" at the end are the albums that I own. If you can, please help! Elena is helping out too, and I will soon have a list of her rare designer bags from her collection also up for sale. I feel AWFUL that I am again in this situation asking for money - but my health seems to go up and down way too freakin' much from this yet unsettled 9/11 Shit. 

Thank you and Bless you all! 

George is selling tons of awesome punk rock records, so go check 'em out and please help spread the word to punk rockers everywhere! 

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