Monday, February 18, 2013


First Tiger! Tiger!, now Ghost awesome is Atlanta? Ghost Bikini plays some seriously goooood bluesy fuzzed out garage a go go that'll make you want to strip down to your skivvies and shake shake shake.


photo credit: Richard A. LaMarre


Who are you wearing?

Thrift store treasures.

What's better, a ghost bikini or an invisible bikini?

It's two sides of the same coin.

Favorite Vincent Price movie?

The Tingler. It has the world's first LSD sequence and the monster is a glorified turd.

Describe your perfect day at the beach.

Instead of a perfect day, let's describe how Joey (bass) and Phillip (drums) plan a beach trip.

Leave town at 4am.

Arrive at 9am.

Bring a cat (obviously).

Get fucked up.

Fall asleep in the sun.

Stare into the infinity that is the ocean horizon.

The funny thing is that the cat was never the same. Apparently taking a cat to an endless litter box next to its mortal enemy, water, causes a lot of psychological damage.

Best haunted house and/or ghost story in Atlanta?

People say Highland Inn is haunted. But honestly. Sherman burned a lot of the old ghosts along with most of the city. That's why we try to spook up the place with our phantasmagoric sound.

Who in the band looks the best in a bikini?

Four-way tie.

Worst place you've ever slept on tour?

Sewercide Mansion in Charlotte, NC. We love our buds in Paint Fumes, but that was a rough place to stay. Last I heard they abandoned it too.

What would make you sell your soul to Satan?

I'm sure there are a couple guitars out there worth the deal.

Other than Ghost Bikini, best band in Atlanta?

The Clap, Them Thangs, Resons: three-way tie.

What month would Ghost Bikini be if you posed for a swimsuit calendar?




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