Monday, February 18, 2013


1-800-Band: Toll Free Rockimage

Who are you wearing?

Rob: Salvation Army and APC.

Polly: Oh, you mix it up? I mix it up too. I’m wearing almost exclusively H&M, Forever 21 and thrift store.

Al: I have sort of boutique jeans, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s called Levi’s. How do you pronounce it? Levi’s? And Silver Spurs is the maker of my chemise.

What band name lost in favor of the name 1-800-Band?

Al: Oh, I know. 1-800-Medications.

Was that taken?

Polly: It was voted down.

What would your sex hotline be called, and what would be your sex hotline name?

Polly: What’s our sex hotline? For elders? It’s for old people. What’s it called?

Rob: Yeah, we invented a sex audio thing that was a sexual broadcast radio for shut-ins and for elderly people but I can’t remember what it was called.

Polly: Crabapple Cove is the name of the series.

Is it a sex podcast?

Polly: It’s more like a, what’s that Angela Lansbury thing, it’s more like um…

Murder She Wrote?

Polly: It’s like Murder She Wrote only it’s like old people having sex on the stairs in a retirement home. Somebody dies, and then there’s a mystery.


And the mystery is, why are those people having sex!?!

Polly: (laughs) We haven’t gotten that far yet.

What’s the cruelest phone prank you ever did?

Polly: I know. There was this guy whose band did very well and shall now remain nameless but he had flyers up and he’s like, I need musicians, majors are breathing down your neck, and of course, my friend are I were like 17, we called up and were like, (breathing sounds), this is the majors breathing down your neck!!! Ha ha ha ha!

Have you ever seen 1-976-evil, the movie?

Rob: I’ve seen 1-976-evil, and 1-976-evil 2!


Shit, man!

Rob: They’re not good, but I had to watch them both. Even before we formed the band.

Would you prefer to be a vampire, a werewolf, a robot or an alien?

Al: I’m going with vampire only because of the collar up thing.

Polly: Alien. You get tentacles and fangs.

Rob: What were the other choices?

You can be a werewolf or a robot.

Rob: Can I be a werewolf robot?

Meanest thing somebody told you after a show?

Rob: That could take up the whole tape.

Al: My favorite thing is when people are like, “That was fun."

Rob: “Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.”

Polly: “Look like you are having fun up there.”

Favorite STD?

Al: I will go with the most popular, chlamydia. It is like the Justin Bieber of STDs.

Polly: I will go with crabs because I always thought there was something romantic about having to shave everything. Crabs have a physical toll. You can go, "Hey, how come so and so has no eyebrows or hair?"

Rob: Patient confidentiality.

Who is your favorite member of the New York Dolls?

Al: I like all the living members.

Any messages for the youth?

Rob: Stay golden, pony boys.

Al: Stay hairless.

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