Monday, February 18, 2013


Alicja Trout: She tells the trout, only the trout.


Who are you?

Alicja Trout.

Who are you wearing?

Shirt by Joseph A, jeans by Poplooks, Song Target underwear, some Naot sandals, Alyssa Ashley cocovanilla.

Did you ever find that sound?

Yes, we had them.

What do you think about the Jay Reatard documentary?

Never saw it.

Any good Arthur Lee stories?


"How was it playing with Arthur Lee? How did that opportunity come about?"

"It's the most amazing thing, I only met him twice, once for a good long practice, the sound of his voice and harmonica and even his tambourine playing warmed my shattered heart. I'd just lost a friend to drugs when Greg Roberson (ex-drummer of the Reigning Sound) called me and asked me if I wanted to come over and play some music. I declined because I was dealing with a death, and it makes any small task hard, like carrying a guitar or something. So I asked him out of curiosity what the occasion was, and when he said he was asked to put together an 'Arthur Lee new Memphis Love', I was like, I’ll be right over. I know most the Love songs like the back of my hand.""

Lamest thing a guy has said to you after a show?

Some guy asked me to marry him and I said ok and then he said no.

Best way to cook a trout?

On a grill

Who has the worst tanlines in the band?


Stax or Sun?

Both great but Sun is more my influence.

How often do people spell your name right?

35% of the time.

What is your message for the kids?

Go make something.


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