Monday, February 18, 2013


Twin Guns: Warning: This interview will be answered in ((stereo)).

Who are you wearing?
Andrea: A custom-made human-leather jacket, a gift from God itself.
Jim: H bar C.
Any good Cramps stories?
Jim: Yeah, we all took mushrooms in Germany - it was the first time that I hallucinated on them.
Andrea: I actually hallucinated upon hearing The Cramps for the first time.
What's the first thing you'll say to Dick Dale when you meet him?
Andrea: "Thanks for the reverb". I actually met him once at a record store; he seemed like a tough guy, but he was nice enough to take a photo with me.
Jim: Locals only, bud./Good evening, Richard.
Describe the first time you shot a gun.
Jim: I pulled the trigger, felt a kick and missed my target.
Andrea: I was in the military for a short period of time; shooting a gun was the most exciting thing that happened. We woke up in the middle of the night, with three hours of sleep only... travelled to a mountainous area and, well... bang. That bang reverberated through the hills, and sounded pretty cool.
In what way are you better than suicide (the band or the act?)
Jim: We're not.
Andrea: We keep on being associated with Suicide, but really we don't have that much in common, other than being a duo, using reverb and delay, and occasionally referencing them. Like Suicide, we do share a similar attitude, and a minimal approach (percussive drums and electronic guitar). We prefer being remembered for bringing the concept of a two-piece band to a different level, beyond the expectations (and limitations) of such bands. We are, however, better than committing suicide.
Who is the evil twin?
Andrea: Me, but it's more of an eternal struggle between good and evil.
Any tips for aspiring touring musicians?
Jim: Buy a van.
Andrea: ....or own at least one credit card.
Why the hate for the bass?
Jim: We don't hate bass- we just prefer other types of fish.
Andrea: I know several bass players; they are really nice people and some are personal friends of mine. I (personally) love the bass as an instrument, but I am tired of standard musical canons and the pretentiousness that goes with it. We regularly turn down offers from such musicians that want to join the band. One thing is for sure, if we were to add a third musician to the will certainly not be a bass player.
What is your message for the kids?
Jim: Don't listen to "Druggy & Suicidal" when you're coming down.
Andrea: Listen to the whole album instead....until The End.
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