Monday, February 18, 2013


The Anomalys: What is wrong with these guys?


Who are you?

We are the wildest live band in Europe, so they say.

Who are you wearing?

We are wearing fantabulous designer wifebeaters by the Dutch Gucci of punk rock, "Zeeman".

What is wrong with you?

Close to everything is wrong with us. We are all around 6 ft 9, have a tendency to defy gravity and we put mayonnaise on our french fries.

What other bands from Holland should Americans know about?

There's a great 60's beat band called The Outsiders, from that era actually. If you wanna see a crazy YouTube video, type in Tielman Brothers and watch their black and white video from 1960 til the end.

What's the difference between touring the US and Europe?

The difference between touring in the US and Europe is that you get more free booze, free food and generally more money in Europe. Audiences in the south of Europe go apeshit on live what were we doing here in the States again? Oh yeah, the gas is cheaper here!

How far can you push a truck?

Until the nearest drive-in liquor store!

Favorite band on Slovenly?

The Anomalys.

Tell us a secret about Bazooke Joe.

He's actually pretty nice.


Biggest misconception foreigners have about Amsterdam?

That the pot you can get in Amsterdam is the same as in the US. It's not. It's much stronger. So we get a lot of touring bands from the US who play Amsterdam and just get plain suck, cuz they are too wasted.

What's your message for the kids?

Kids, when you start a band and record something, don't drench that shit in reverb and echo cuz the Black Lips did it. It's getting boring. And remember: hippies killed rock n roll once already, we're not gonna let them do it again.


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Thursday, October 11th

Don Pedro, Brooklyn

w/The Recordettes, Blank Postcards, Fright Barker, The Snookys




Parkside Lounge, NYC

w/The Snookys, The Monsieurs, The Beat Rats, Jack Of Heart



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