Monday, February 18, 2013


Archie Powell & The Exports: super duper Chicago power pop.


Who are you wearing?

Prada. Just kidding. My shirt has a mustard stain.

Best way to commit suicide?

Fly to Ireland, visit the Cliffs of Moher. Jump off, pull grenade. Enjoy final fireworks display halfway down.

Favorite member of the Nerves?

Paul Collins.

Best excuse for skipping work?

Mr. Deeds is on TV.

Besides Archie Powell & The Exports, best Chicago band?

The Mutts.

Who's the Veronica of the band?


Best road survival trip?

Always get nachos.

Best thing about playing New York?

Seeing Louis C.K. walking around town. [Ed. note: this really happens. We just saw him in the city the other day].

Best drug related story?

First time I ever smoked pot as a kid was out of a bong I made from a maple syrup bottle. Eating pancakes still has a certain special psychosomatic effect on me.

Craziest pill you ever took?

Flintstones chewables. Just kidding. Horse tranquilizers.


Check out Archie Powell & The Exports' video for 'Crazy Pills' amazing song and equally amazing video. Also happens to be the name of one of our favorite New York bands!



Archie Powell & The Exports on Facebook

Archie Powell & The Exports' website

Archie Powell & The Exports' sophomore album, Great Ideas in Action, will be released on CD and vinyl May 1. Order it HERE.

They play in NJ at Maxwell's on May 3 and in NYC at Piano's at May 6. See all the tour dates HERE.

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