Monday, February 18, 2013


Bazooka Joe: Destroyer of records.


Who are you?

Chief Supeme Dick'tater of The Thing With Two Heads Tittyshaking Unit, label manager for Slovenly Recordings, El Presidente of Black Gladiator, destroyer of records.

Who are you wearing?

Lee on my legs and Adidas on my feet.

Favorite brand of bubble gum?

The Archies.

Best band on Slovenly?

The ones on Black Gladiator.

Worst part of working with bands?

When they won't do what I say.

Best thing about Pennsylvania: DiPinto Guitars, Philly Cheese Steaks, the towns of Intercourse and Blue Balls, or the Allentown Record Fair?

I've only been to the Allentown fair once because good records are so easy to find here I don't need to go there!

Worst DJ request you’ve ever gotten?

"Can you turn it down just a little?"

Favorite garage rock blog (besides One Chord Progression)? cuz they just gave some heavy love to OBNOX.

Best Bo Diddley album besides Black Gladiator?

The first, self-titled Bo LP for sure, but they're all incredible up until "Another Dimension." I think there's an Elton John cover on it. WTF?

What’s your message for the kids?

Go watch "Wild Style."


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