Sunday, February 17, 2013


New York's Beat Rats: '64 Beatles dressed in head to toe leather.


Who are you wearing?

We're wearing thin on everyone.

Best band: The Stray Cats, The Boomtown Rats, The Monkees, The Devil Dogs, The Byrds, The Giraffes, The Animals, Snoop Dogg or The Beat Rats?

We ain't heard enuff Beat Rats yet..


Best way to kill a rat?

Hide the booze.

How far can you throw a bass amp?

About three yards to the pint. Frank did five pints before the last gig so do the math.

How loud is too loud?

Ted Nugent. 

What’s the best part about playing the Cavern Club?

Playing the Cavern Club.

We Got the Beat, Eat to the Beat or Beat on the Brat?

Beat On The Brat.

Weirdest band you’ve ever played with?

The Plastic Mechanical Pig


Road survival tips?

Stay away from/never eat street weasel.

Are leather pants and leather jackets year-round stage attire?

More like year-round life attire.



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