Saturday, February 16, 2013


Brooklyn's Big Riff: '90s influenced grungy garage rockers.


Who are you wearing?

Charles Dodson (guitar, vocals): Ask her. I’m wearing Johnny Cash.

Who has the biggest riff?

Tony LoFi (bass): The girl has the biggest riff.

Stephanie Niedospial: (guitar, vocals): That doesn’t make any sense!

We never said this was gonna make sense.

Charles: Run Away, that’s the biggest riff.

Stephanie: Oh, I thought you were talking about biggest riff, in like another way…I’m like, I’m not the dude!

It’s whatever you want it to mean!

Stephanie: Okay, I do, I have the biggest riff.

Does size matter?

Charles: Yes.

Stephanie: That’s a question for me, and yes. That one I can answer!

Is it the size of the riff or how you use it?

Stephanie: It’s a little bit of both, but yeah, I think it’s more about how you use the riff.

Charles: I’m glad to hear that.

Dave: Anybody who says that is lying. It’s all the size of the riff.

Stephanie: Yeah, it’s all the size.

Dave: It’s very easy to be disappointed by a small riff. Very easy.

Stephanie: Small riffs are never fun.

Who has the most racist friends?

Stephanie: Charles.

Charles: Yes, I do.

Who is it? Wanna say his name?

Charles: No. I wouldn’t be a very good friend to him if I did!

Stephanie: His name is confidential.

Charles: As a friend, I wouldn’t be a good friend if I did.

Dave: I’m pretty sure I have the most racist friend.

Charles: Oh, he does.

Oh, you do? Do you want to tell us about him?

Dave: Off the record we can talk about it.

Charles: I’ve got a pretty racist friend. We should talk about it.

Dave: Yeah, we should talk about it after the interview.

We’re gonna do a free association. We’re just gonna say some words and you tell us what comes to mind.

Stephanie: That’s pretty awesome.


Charles: Queens.

Stephanie: Home.

Dave: Bridge.


Dave: The past. The torturous past.

Bass Players.

Charles: They rule.

Stephanie: Just horrible.


Dave: Sure.

Stephanie: Yeah. Where? Yeah.

What’s the best part of being in a band with a girl?

Charles: Not being in a band with only dudes?

Anthony: She can dress us.

Dave: Yeah, why aren’t you styling this band?

Stephanie: I’ve tried to style you guys before. We need to go shopping! I’ve tried to take Charles shopping like so many times. We always talk about it and never do it.

Charles: I mean, I’m not proactive.

Stephanie: Ok, band shopping trip, next weekend.

Dave: I am not wearing leather though. I just sweat so much.

Stephanie: Alright, everyone else has to.

What’s the best and worst part of being in a band in Brooklyn?

Stephanie: The best is there are a lot of other bands so there’s like awesome practice spaces and we meet cool people. And worst because there’s a lot of other bands, you know?

What’s the official beer of Big Riff?

Stephanie: At first it was Four Loko which isn’t a beer.

Charles: That was before Big Riff.

Stephanie: That was before Big Riff.

Dave: What’s that one with the shark on it?

Stephanie: Oh yeah, there you go.

Anthony: Yeah, the shark one, that’s the official beer.

What’s the best riff of all time?

Charles: Oh, that’s a good question.

Anthony: That’s a good question.

Charles: I might have to get back to you.

Choose wisely.

Charles: I know. I’m gonna forever be judged on what I say.

Dave: Smoke On The Water.

Charles: I thought you were gonna say The Sonics’ The Witch or something like that, at least.

Dave: Nope, Smoke On The Water.

Okay, last question. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll?

Charles: Twelve and a half, I think.

Dave: The owl says three but he’s a dick.

Stephanie: Never believe an owl.



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