Monday, February 18, 2013


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Who are you wearing?

Shirt by Kingsport, pants by Levis, shoes by Vans.

Favorite song about food?

"Bread & Butter" by The Newbeats.

First band you ever signed?

We technically don't "sign" anyone - just do album-by-album contracts. We didn't even start doing contracts until we started putting out LPs, so if you count that, we're talking about The Wrong Words. The first band we released that wasn't our own was The White Wires, but no legal paperwork was involved.

Band you wish you never signed?


What band would you sell your soul to sign?

No band is worth your soul. But If time/space/reality is factored out of the equation, I'd love to put a record out by Forever Changes-era Love...that'd be sweet.

First thing you tell bands when you sign them?

"We're very picky."

Weirdest thing you ever had to do to sign a band?

Lisa had to write an essay for Brad from Wounded Lion on why she liked Wounded Lion and wanted to work with was pretty great too.

What would you be doing if you didn't have a label?

Sleeping more.

Best way to save money on recording?

Record it yourself. Always.

Any troubles on your mind these days?

We're about to have our second child, so yeah - lots of troubles on our minds. Mostly good ones though.



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