Monday, February 18, 2013


The Hussy: Shrieking hipsters and hippie vampires.


Who are you wearing?

Bobby: Not sure what this exactly means. But I am currently wearing an In The Red t-shirt. Maybe you mean, who do we sound like? I don't know...Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, Thee Oh Sees, etc.

Heather: Right now I am wearing a purple hoodie from Target and a WFMU t-shirt and Levi's. My shoes are from the transformers collection from Target. They have the robots on the side of the shoe.

Best drug related story?

Bobby: A friend having a weed seizure at a show in Milwaukee. Hence naming the record Weed Seizure. See also: any time psychedelics are involved is fun.

Heather: One time I didn't have respect for a gravity bong. Now I do.

Lamest thing a guy drummer said to Heather?

Bobby: I don't know. People say lame things like, 'You're really really really good...for a girl offense." LAME-O. Half the time I'd like to say, 'You're a really awful drummer...for a guy.' But then again lots of times guys definitely think Heather slays, and typically girl drummers come up and are incredibly impressed.

Heather: The lamest thing a guy said to me was when I was looking at drums at a drum store and they asked me if I was looking for something for my boyfriend. That irked me. Most guys are cool though.

Best city for rock n roll?

Bobby: Anywhere in Indiana. Our friends there rule and the kids love music. AND there are some really great bands like The Happy Thoughts, Vacation Club and Ancient Slang to play with. Madison is pretty great too! And Milwaukee is definitely the best in terms of new bands sprouting up all the time. That scene's got the most turnover but also the most creative people in terms of rock n roll bands.

Heather: Madison, der. Nothing better than being at Mickey's Tavern watching your friends' bands or bands from all over the world play there. There are other good cities as well, but I love Madison best.

Survival tips for touring as a two piece?

Bobby: Be friends with your bandmate. It's simple! I think it's easier to travel with one other person only. It's like you only have to decide what to do with one other person and you only have to keep track of one person. We're taking a third person, our bud Chris from this Madison band Dharma Dogs with us on the west coast tour, so that will be our first trip with a third person in tow for the whole thing. Should be fun! He's a great dude and it will really help to have an extra person to help drive!

Heather: Mountain Dew. Lots of Dew. That's it, really.

Would the Hussy make a better album with Lou Reed than Metallica did?

Bobby: No comment. Lou Reed stopped existing in 1980.

Heather: Yes.

Best thing you ever stole?

Bobby: Food and/or turkey.

Heather: When I was a kid I stole a sour gumball and it was pretty great.

Why the hate for the bass?

Bobby: We have absolutely no hate for bass. We just started this band as a two piece and we've played like 170 shows as a two piece so it makes no sense to add a third member at this point. Heather and I also play in another band with our friends JonE and Trick Knee, and that band has a bass player. It's called Bad Omens. 

Heather: There is no hate for the bass. Only fear.

Worst lie you ever told someone?

Bobby: Your band is awesome.

Heather: That Snickers really satisfies. It does not.

Your message to the kids?

Bobby: Buy records, support bands, start a label, fuck all haters.

Heather: Play music. It motivates the brain.

Bonus question! Are you a hussy?

Bobby: I'm working on that. Ladies? Ladies in bands?



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