Monday, February 18, 2013


Bradley Dean & The Terminals: You'll want to catch that illness.


Photo credit: Rebecca DeRosa

Who are you?

I’m Bradley, and the rest of the group is Jake Smith on drums, Erica Keller on bass and Michael Quintian on guitar. We’ve all been playing for a long time. I played in the group called the Visitors a while back, Mike plays with Quitty and the Don’ts. Erica plays with the Living Kills. Jake was in Crucifix and most recently, Bad Manners. Jake is the only one of us, however, who has performed on Soul Train.

Who are you wearing?

Zig-Zag brand Winos. The kind with laces, tied tight, because a girl tried to steal them right off my feet last week. True story.

How long do you have to live?

Cats have nine lives…how many do Bradleys have? However many it is, I’ve used most of ‘em up, so not long, I guess.

How did you meet Kim Warnick?

Kim is awesome. We met when we were both training to be astronauts in an attempt to get back to our home planets.

What is the best thing you ever stole?

Hmmm…probably a couple Johnny Thunders guitar solos. I stole those quite a while ago, and still use 'em.

Best thing about being a band in New York?

Getting to meet and work with so many talented musicians. Really, they’re everywhere, it’s ridiculous. It’s expensive though, so none of this stuff ever gets recorded!

If you knew there was gonna be a flood, what would you put in your car before leaving?

Somebody who knows how to drive.

What country would you like to tour the most?

All of 'em.

Favorite Jersey Shore character?

Is Popeye from the Jersey Shore?


If Bradley Dean & the Terminals were a cartoon band (like the Archies) what would be the synopsis of your show?

It would depict the ensuing hilarity of four cartoon characters trying to schedule a rehearsal. The accompanying hit single would be, “Schedule, Schedule.” I gotta get to writing that. Stay tuned.

Favorite STD?

Love. It’s the only one you’re lucky if you catch.

Favorite song about an illness?

Physical: “Take Me Down to the Hospital” by the Replacements.

Mental: “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment” by the Ramones.

Illness is my favorite musical genre.

Message to the kids?

I know how ya feel, but hang in there. Also, start off with the drums if at all possible.



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