Monday, February 18, 2013


Buddy McNeil and The Magic Mirrors: "Don't quit your day job."


credit: Marianne Larochelle

Who are you?

Buddy Mcneil & The Magic Mirrors. AKA a boy-girl, a complicated singer, a Jesus-looking guitarist and a chubby drummer.

Who are you wearing?

Western nautical outfits and apache scarves.

What kind of boat do you have?

A 12 foot long yellow submarine.

Favorite magic trick?

Izi (the boy-girl): Disapear before the guy comes back from the bathroom.

Alexis (the complicated singer): The spatula and cow trick...

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest in the band?

Our manager.

Are you a mod or a rocker?

Well dressed rockers.

Favorite Buddy Holly song?

Seb (chubby drummer): "Everyday".

Izi: "Well...All Right".

Alexis: Can’t pick one.

Nicolas (Jesus): Don’t know him.

Who is a terror in the band?

Izi’s her name!

Favorite song with the world "help" in the title?

Seb: Help me Rhonda.

Izi: Bo Diddley’s "Help Out".

Alexis: ‘’Help’’ by the Beatles.

Nicolas: ‘’hmmmmmmmmmmm’’

Best thing about being a band in Montreal?

We're all friends sharing the same drums! And we’re not far from our beds.

What is your message for the kids?

Alexis: Don’t quit your day job.

Izi: Live fast die young.

Seb: ‘’You can’t drink all the beer.’’

Nico: ‘’Be cool with the elderly, you never know...’’

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DON'T MISS BUDDY MCNEIL IN NEW YORK! Friday September 21st at CAVESTOMP! at Parkside Lounge (317 E. Houston, NYC) with Cyclops, The Ohm and Born Loose.


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