Monday, February 18, 2013


Brazil's Canja Rave: not Brazil's answer to the White Stripes.


Who are you wearing?

I'm wearing some dirty shoes and old clothes.

Best moustache in rock n roll history?

I would have to say Lemmy and Salvador Dali.

Can you teach us about Brazil's country music history?

This is a hard question since Brazil is a continental country with many kinds of music. Down in the south, we have the "Brazilian cowboys" who are called "Gaúchos". In our case, like many bands from Brazil, we have influences from American rock music, as well as folk, country and punk.

Lamest thing someone said to Paula (cuz she's a girl drummer)?

"For a girl, you play as good as a man" and "When playing the drums, don't your legs get tired?"

How was recording with Jim Diamond?

It was a pleasure. We had very little time and everything was done quickly, the fastest album (Badango, 2010) we ever recorded! It was incredible to be in Detroit to record in Jim's studio with such a cool atmosphere and loads of great vintage stuff. We hope to have this opportunity again.

How many times a day do you get compared to the White Stripes?

Many times, especially when people don't hear the music. It is more of a visual comparison. What nobody knows is that when Meg started playing, Paula had already recorded two albums. There is the saying, "Who came first, the egg or the chicken?"

Why so much hate for the bass?

No hate! I'm a bass player. When playing the guitar, I always worry about filling up the bass sound. I play the guitar thinking about the bass! I am no guitar player! Many guitar players hate me!

Have you ever met Coffin Joe (and would Paula make a good wife for him)?

We know him, of course. We admire his work. Paula would probably make him cut his nails. Not a good wife - maybe too bossy!


Best and worst thing about touring as a duo?

The best thing in life is to be touring. The worst thing is when it ends. We love being a duo. It makes things practical for decision making. We know that with other musicians we would have a fuller sound, but we like being a minimalist organic band.

Who has the dirtiest socks?

Coffin Joe. 



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