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Shout Out Louds: Ice records: more fun than vinyl.
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Where are you?

I’m in our rehearsal space. I ran over to our space so I could get better reception.

Where is that, in Stockholm?


How loud can you shout?

Like decibels? I have no idea.

How many plays can you get out of a record made of ice?

Maybe one?

What’s the difference in sound between a vinyl record and an ice record?

It’s more fun I guess.

Sahara Hotnights, Crucified Barbara, The Hives or The Hellacopters?

The Hellacopters.

What’s the hardest piece of Ikea furniture you ever built?

I don’t know, actually, I haven’t bought that many things. My mom and dad gave me stuff when I was a kid but I’m really bad with stuff like that so my dad helps me. I’m kind of bad at putting things together like that. So yeah. I need help.

What would Bebban say is the worst part of being in a band with all guys?

Probably the tour bus. You can’t escape on the tour bus, you can never be on your own, find your own time, your own space. It’s hard to find your own space and I think she  can sometimes feel a little lonely being the only woman on the bus, so we try to have women who work with us, not just men, so it’s mixed.

Does she get to bring friends on tour?

Yeah, we sometimes bring friends. Whatever works.

What kind of work would you be doing if you weren’t in a band?

Probably photography.

What are you most excited about doing or seeing in New York?

My friends. I’m really excited about seeing my friends. I have some old friends that moved there maybe 15 years ago that I only get to see when we’re there playing.

Is there a favorite thing you like to do when you come here?

I don’t know, just getting a cab to the city from the airport. Your cars have that kind of weird suspension that you don’t have that in Europe, like you get really comfortable sitting in the back of a yellow cab on your way in.

Cause the cabs bounce around so much?

It’s like a suspension in the car. I don’t know, we don’t have that, just a weird feeling, not weird but…

What are the cars like at home?

I don’t know. Normal. They’re kind of harder, the suspension is like, the cabs in New York have softer suspensions, you just kind of zoom over every little bump. I like them.  It’s smoother in New York.

I guess it makes up for all the bad driving. What’s the best advice you ever got?

I don’t know. I wanna pass on that one. I don’t know.
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