Monday, February 18, 2013


Norway's Caroline and the Treats: every night is Saturday night.


Who are you wearing?

Rock n roll boys!

Best thing about being a band in Norway?

That we can get well paid gigs that can pay for this exciting trip to the US!

Best Norwegian band of all time?

The Cosmic Dropouts and the Yum Yums. Why do you think I went after Morten? (My boyfriend Morten Henriksen plays in both those bands, and when I saw him on stage, I knew I wanted him. So I took him).

Dirtiest word you know in Norwegian?


If you were a treat, what would you be?

A lollipop! Imagine all that tongue...

Favorite position?

In the middle. Sex is always best in between two people that love each other.

How many churches do you have to burn down to be considered a metal band in Norway?

Approximately 666, I guess.

Favorite Canadian power pop band?


Dirtiest thing someone's told you after a show?

"I masturbate a lot. I think I would fit great with you. Could we have sex in like...five minutes or something?" Believe it or not, I said no. As for the really good dirty lines, they're usually delivered by me.

Message for the Norwegian youth?

Clap your hands and stomp your feet! And lose that indie rock beard.


Caroline and the Treats play this Wednesday, May 9th at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with Party Lights and Les Sans Culottes.



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