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Nervous Ticks: Garagey trash metal from Richmond, Virginia. Pure awesomeness.


Who are you wearing?

Chaz: The Spits!

Liza: Oh dude, these jorts have seen all kinds of mess. One time I leant them to my buddy Pinche so's he could swim in the ocean, and we were all splashing around and then he was like 'DON'T COME NEAR ME, I'M PEEIN'!!'

Who has the best hair in the Nervous Ticks?

Chaz: Liza, no question. It's the biggest and reddest.

Liza: All true. But Chaz has the best face hair.

Chaz: If you combine our hairs, we look like Dr. Zaius.

What's making you the most nervous?

Chaz: I agreed to play a Guitar Wolf show at a shitty club even though it's pay-to-play. Now I got promoters all breathin' down my next about tickets, fuck shit ahhh! Trying to not stress about it and I'm only doin' it cause it's GUITAR WOLF, but seriously? I hate all that back room business shit. It's bad for punk rock and it's bad for my health!

Liza: Yeah, that sucks. I dunno, I'm kinda always anxious about nothing at all, so I don't really panic. But GUITAR WOLF, man! I saw them last April in Chapel Hill at Local 506 and they RULED. Human pyramid of topless babes on stage and the place was completely packed with sweating, pulsing kids. Dudes were just like playing dissonant BWANGSSSS and THWUNKSSSS and everyone was going totally wild.

What Cronenberg movies should have a Nervous Ticks soundtrack?

Chaz: Probably none cause that would be terrible. If anything, maybe the head explode sequence in Scanners or when the bug things in Naked Lunch talk.

Liza: RABID!

Who has the best and worst tattoos in the band?

Chaz: I'd like to think I have the best cause I just got Dee Dee in Nashville. Also, me and Liza have matching pissed-off chicken tattoos.

Liza: I am so super jealous of his new tattoo. It's like a crazy self portrait of Dee Dee Ramone as a dragon. I didn't even know Dee Dee painted, but it's totally gnarly. This guy Johnny at Kustom Thrills let us in after hours to do it cause he knew we were just passing through and it's is sick good!

Chaz: Liza's trying to start a bad tattoo collection, so soon hers will be the bestworst! I'm a fan of her 'Calvin peeing on Calvin' design. She's also got the most right now.

What is the baddest land to play in?

Chaz: Once a year we do an acoustic set in an abandoned hydroelectric plant on an island in the James River. It's definitely the crumblinest-concrete land.

Liza: Last time the Nightmare Boyzzz were in Richmod I took 'em down there at night. The ruins of the power plant face over the river and you can sit out there in the middle of the James on all these gigantic white rocks. They're the size of cars and houses and have some pretty sweet graffiti all over them. It was way spooky and there ghost cats in the windows and I wasn't scared at all, nope. We wrote like, four amazing songs that night, but I forgot them.

Do the Nervous Ticks want to destroy the world or just dominate it?

Chaz: Too much stress - all I really want is to hit a bucket and make out!

Liza: I have recently discovered Redbull. It took me like, 15 years, but OH MY GOD HAVE YOU TRIED REDBULL? It tastes like candy and makes you feel amazing!

Worst place you've slept on tour?

Chaz: That didn't really happen to us this time, thankfully! Everyone we met was so nice. Sleeping in the van is kinda ruled out because it's not even a van, but rather a '94 Corolla. We're too smushed to sleep. I'll tell you the best place we slept though: in Charlotte there was this warehouse converted into a TV studio, where our friend lives. There's lofts of all kinda jutting out from the walls, and a big sound stage and a trampoline out back. His room is in a secret passage painted all black; it's so bad ass!

Liza: It's like the underground in Little Monsters. Kids were snuggled up sleeping all over the place. And there were hot chicks with hula hoops...that reeeeeallly impressed our drummer Noell.

Best rock n roll city?

Chaz: My money's on Nashville. When we went (on March 15th) it was kinda of a ghost town, because all the kids were in Austin for SXSW. It took a minute to realize that goddamn, that means EVERYONE in Nashville is in a sick band. Even though Jack White is still grabbing headlines with his Third Man thing, it's the bands that are from there that are fuckin' awesome. Cannomen, Diarrhea Planet, Useless Eaters, Heavy Cream, Natural Child...the list goes on. Richmond ain't too bad either, especially if you like your punk more violent! There's a huge metal scene here too, and I gotta admit I really like all that stuff. The other night we got to see Triac play at a little hole in the wall for five measly bucks!

Liza: Atlanta will always have a chunk of my heart...I'm stoked to Mess-Around! Last year was so rad...Mickey, Hunx, Clams, Snaxxx, White Mystery, Pizzas, Oblivians! But I saw the lineup this year and almost puked it's so righteous. GGKING! I promise not to throw a box of tator tots at anyone, either. Unless you're hungry. Ya know what - I can't really promise that, I'm sorry. Takeback.

Chaz: New York seems cool because everybody comes right to you. Also...fuckin' GG King, fuck yeah! Last time he was supposed to come to Richmond, it snowed and the show was cancelled. We don't know how to drive in that shit here.

Battle to the death. Who will win: Reatards vs Oblivians?

Chaz: They will ride flaming Silvertones together in Garage Punk Valhalla.



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