Monday, February 18, 2013


Creem Circus: Perfect make-up on perfect men.


Who are you?

Depends on where I am and what I'm doing. You need to read Performing Glam Rock to understand this answer. I guess for this interview I am Chris the Pinto.

Who are you wearing?

At the moment, some woman from Florida's Levi's. They are "superlow stretch" - a thrift store find. The shirt is a red t-shirt from the Gap from the kids' section. it's really hard to get anything to fit tight these days.

Weirdest guitar that's passed through your shop?

At the moment I have a Gibson Lp Custom on the wall all totally done up in blue sparkle with gold sparkle trim. The back has a mural of two Pegasus horses flying in the sky with a plane in the background writing "I LOVE YOU MARLENE". Truly a thing of beauty!

Best place for Philly Cheese Steaks?

You know I'm a vegetarian but they all say Jim's is the place. They got a bunch of dead animal flesh piled up on the stove there. People eat it, I guess.


Creem magazine or Circus magazine?

Creem was the magazine that had all the great bands. For me, at age 11, I could find an issue with Page on the cover and on the inside, you could see and read about Iggy Pop making himself bleed on stage or find out about this new band called The Clash or, oh check it out The Ramones, dude, I'm totally cutting that out and taping it to my wall…those guys looks so badass…Lena Lovich!?!?... I just saw her on Prism last night…whoa, Romeo Void…"I might like you better if we slept together".

I don’t think the people at Creem ever got rich…that's why it was so good!


Favorite T-Rex song?

Oh, just pick one…"The Slider"?

Best eyeliner brand?

Sweeny Todd. Google image them. Nick Gilder is my hero at the moment.

Tips for aspiring guitar shop owners?

Start a band where you dress in women's clothing so you totally alienate 90% of your customers.

2 part question: best 70s fashion trend that should be brought back immediately? And, which one died with good reason?

Part 1. Cut-offs for men, high enough to where the inside pockets shows. Look, men's shorts have been too long for way too long… since like 1900! Hello, styles are allowed to change. I see guys in Fishtown, their shorts are like just above their socks…I mean come on!

Part 2. What the hell, I can't think of anything.

What's your message for the kids?

Get a turn table. go to record stores, buy records and start learning about the history of music. Realize its all intertwined with the history of humankind; socially and politically. If you don't understand something, you probably just didn't think long enough about it. Keep listening and thinking, it'll all start to make sense…someday.


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