Monday, February 18, 2013


Les Sans Culottes: So French it hurts.


Who are you?

I am Clermont Ferrand, the Caruso of the Massif Central. A singer in Brooklyn francophone rock band, Les Sans Culottes.

Who are you wearing?

On stage it is usually the French designer (and close friend) Jean-Paul Gaultier. At home it is usually the Americain designer Sears Roebucks.

Do you think you're close to the Gainsbarre part of your career?

When I started the band 14 years ago, I thought that by this time I might be a little of a Gainsbore. But in fact I am even more awesome. The band's recent disque compact, "Pataphysical Graffiti" is the plainly the height of the band's and my creative powers. image

Favorite French word?

Either "emmerdement" or "hypocrite."

What would be the first thing to know for a person from France who is moving to New York?

You will have more ready access to shopping at the Century 21 department store. To fit in, say the word "artisinal" whenever you can. Don't drink the New York wine which is not fit for a dog.

What is the difference between the French Canadian and the French European?

The French Canadiennes call themselves the "habitants" after local hockey team and promise always to remember. You can find them in the part of the etats unis north of the Canadian border. After the members of Les Sans Culottes, they are the most "authentic" French people (echt French). The European French are a distant third.

Are you really a Belgian in disguise?

It is true that I enjoy chocolat and bier and the cinema of the freres Dardenne. But I detest Tintin and do not speak to me of Jacques Brel.

Who keeps calling you on your Téléphone-Douche?

Mostly it is our chanteuse Kit Kat Le Noir who is getting called on her telephone douche, which she keeps in the shower.

I tell her to stop because this is how Claude Francois died.

What is the secret to keeping your sanity when you are touring with so many people?

It really depends. Sometimes it is just large doses of LSD.

What is your message for the kids?

Not everything is possible but nothing is impossible.

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Do not miss Les Sans Culottes at Parkside Lounge, NYC on Wednesday June 20 for a Cavestomp show, with The Othermen and Badassery. RSVP HERE.


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