Monday, February 18, 2013


 Mike Lawrence: Comedian, geek, man with a beard.


Who are you wearing?

A plethora of Marvel Villains in an action shot. When I get fat enough I'll get some Venom prints.

Best beard in the comic business?

I'd have to say Zach Galifanakis based on the fact that every comic gets compared to him.

Are you more an ass or a tit man?

Ass man. I have a horrible fear of confrontation.

How many masturbation jokse is too many?

I think I have four, so, seven. I'm working on two more.

Best part about being a Jew?

You get to diminish other people's suffering and know that no matter how bad they have it, they have to always have appreciation for yours.

Do you think Googa Mooga is a real thing?

It sounds like an Italian racial slur.

Tell us a secret about Conan.

He's as tall as he is nice.

If you were a comic book character, what would be your origin story and who would be your nemesis?

I found a blazer in a thrift store and got all of the powers and bitterness of a failed 1980's comic. My nemesis would be having to write answers for articles that usually get zero views.

Best videogame death sequence?

Joker from Arkham City. Batman would have saved him but he had to go out being a dick.

Are you funny?

I don't I? Oh shit, thanks for putting the fear in me. Now I have to do two bar shows tonight, terrified.



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