Monday, February 18, 2013


Daddy Long Legs: "I chased all the black widows out of New York City."


Who are you?

Daddy Long Legs-The Blues Harp Bloodhound!

Who Are you wearing?

Custom Leather by Toni Lynn.

Are you afraid of spiders? 

No. I chased all the black widows out of New York City.

How many times have you swallowed your harmonica?

Not once but I spit it out a few.

Would you rather play with Robert Jonhson or Poison Ivy?

I'll take a tall redhead over Robert Johnson any day!

Favorite blues song?

Anything from the Delta. Im really into a lot of pre-war Harmonica Blues. It changes from day to day. My favorite blues song is the next one.

First thing you're gonna say to David Johansen when you play with him?

Hey Man, I hear you're pretty good but dont you know you're in my neighborhood?! 

How was it to play with the black Dracula?

Backing up T. Valentine at the Friar's Club was a supernatural expierience!
We're working on a new LP together that will be out this November on Norton Records.

What would you sell your soul for and where would it happen?

A spoon full where the southern cross the dog.

What is your message to the kids? 

Fuck The Blues.... Away!!!


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Look for Daddy Long Legs' debut LP Evil Eye On You next month on Norton Records!

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