Monday, February 18, 2013


Dan Melchior: Noise maker.


Who are you?

Dan Melchior.

Who are you wearing?

Various thrift/bargain store items without labels.

Favorite ghost story?

I don't really have one, I'm afraid. I'm not big on the supernatural.

Tell us one weird fact about each of these people: Billy Childish, Holly Golightly, Ben Wallers and Larry Hardy.

I don't know Ben Wallers. I don't really know any weird facts about the others.

How about:

Larry has a chihuahua.

Billy does yoga.

Holly rescues horses.

What is your favorite noise?

My bird Glen singing.

What is the weirdest thing someone's told you after a show?

I like your teeth.

If you were selling a meal as an official Dan Melchior merchandise, what meal would it be?

Saag paneer.


Would you prefer to write a musical or an opera?

Neither. I think the best thing about the rock lyric is its brevity.

Favorite Captain Beefheart song?

The intro bit to 'Pachuco Cadaver.'

What is your message for the kids?

Don't be discouraged by the fact that this is not a great time in history. Who cares?


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