Monday, February 18, 2013


Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave: Not a guy wearing a mask.


Who are you?

I am Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave and I am takin' care of business from the grave as a ONEMANBAND!

Since I crawled outta my grave I've been playin' some fine primitive zombie rock'n'roll all over the world.

It's in my bones, man! Can't stop it!

Is there no place for a lady in your one man grave?

The grave is pretty darn small, but I can fit some girls in there for sure!

Well it does get busy sometimes, but it fits! I'm thinking about pickin' up my shovel and expanding the grave but I haven't found time for it yet.

I've been pretty busy lately. I just came back from a tour with 37 shows in Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Hungary.

And i just released a new 7" on Monster Mash Records!

Goriest show you ever played?

Mostly the gory stuff happens in the hotel room after the show!

But man, it's all relative..for some, it's gory - for others it's normal.

I don't know anymore...too many shows too many times wasted.

It's a wild and crazy road and I am enjoying every mile of it!

What touring tips would you give to young one man bands who want to tour around the world?

Do everything for your band and tours yourself. Don't expect anybody else to do it for you.

Like tour promotion - write magazines and newspapers far in advance about your band coming to their town.

Arranging a tour is one thing; getting people to come out to your show is another...

But most important is to take care of business from the grave just like I do!!

Ow right... and dont stop at tankstations in Bavaria, Germany!!

Would you rather have your music in a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie or an Elvis movie?

Come to think of it, I haven't had much time to watch any movies lately. I should take more time for that!

I would choose Herschell Gordon Lewis or somebody like Stanley Lloyd Kaufman.

These movies along with old comic books are a very big an inspiration for me.

I love that kinda stuff! Check some of the videos i made on

Not my movies from the old days, that's a total different world for sure!

Who's your favorite zombie?

While many debate whether or not Frankenstein is indeed a zombie, he is and always was my favourite.

Like me, Frankenstein possesses a sensitive and emotional layer, to which I can relate.

He seems like a real cool fella and I'm damn sure he's got lots of lady-fans!


Favorite kind of brain to eat?

Well I tried that raw stuff for a while but it ain't me!!

So, I eat the same as everybody else.

My favourite dish nowadays is peanut butter covered deep fried pigs filled with banana and bacon.

You're not just a guy with a mask, are you?

A mask? What do you mean...!?

No masks here, thankyaverymuch.

What is your message to the kids?

Go check out or and stay WILD!!!!


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