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Dean Rispler: Head of Brooklyn's Drug Front Records. Master of guitar. Master of bass. Producer. Played in so many bands, we can't count that high. Friend to bands and cool people everywhere (and we mean everywhere). A real mensch.


Dean cashes in: photo by Mike Edison.


Who are you wearing?

Is this some sort of fashion question? Or is this some sort of double entendre? Either way, do you really care? I pretty much wear the same clothes everyday. Black shirts, black pants, black socks and black shoes. I can fit in easily at everyone's affairs - weddings and funerals.

Is Drug Front a drug front?

Yes it is. All products from DFR are funded by my personal goon squad that forces hard drugs on school children. Remember, kids - the first taste is free. After that you gotta cough up your lunch money.

Most annoying band on Drug Front?

All of the bands are annoying in their own way.  Aren't all bands annoying?  I think that's what makes them a band.  But if I was to pick one, the most annoying would probably be Lemon Cookie from Runny.  Besides receiving a concussion from him two years back, he constantly bothers me for advances which is mainly spent on cocaine.

Official drug of Drug Front?

For the bands I would say it's definitely cocaine.  Bands really love that stuff. They talk about it, they write songs about it, they get into trouble with it, etc.  It's really quite hilarious.  
Personally my official drug is codeine.  I enjoy that stuff a lot.  The best is taking it and fighting to stay awake. I highly recommend everyone to ignore the warning labels and definitely operate heavy machinery and go driving whilst on codeine.
Best thing about New Orleans?

Let's be clear to your reader(s) here (if they actually exist) - DFR and I are based in Brooklyn, NY. But these amazing and informative questions were asked of me while I was vacationing in the beautiful city of New Orleans. So what's the best thing? Definitely the food. You can come here for a week and eat in a different place for each meal every day and it would most likely be the best you've ever had (as long as you take the right recommendations and stay out of tourist traps). That being said, the second best thing is the overall vibe in NOLA - so laid back. You don't have to do anything here to have a good time.


Is there any city in the world where you don't know someone?

There may be, but I am sure I would at least know someone who knows someone anywhere. That's what rules about being into obscure rock n roll. Whether it's punk, metal, hardcore, soul, R&B, garage, etc., there are small groups of true fans who are so obsessed that they reach out to other fans around the world to find out more about it. And since I was obsessed with all of those things, I got to know a lot of people.

Coolest show you've ever played?

In the early 90's I was in a band called The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. We did a few arena shows with White Zombie and The Cramps. Those were cool enough, but at the first show I was on the side of the stage for The Cramps. I was always a huge fan, but this was amazing to be so close. After the show, Poison Ivy asked if she could take my arm to help her walk off the stage in her ridiculously tall heels. My life could have ended after that and I would have been satisfied.

Best dead format: 8 tracks or 78 rpm?

I am surprised you didn't ask about mini CDs. Isn's that how your publication asks for review copies? Or was it mini-cassette?

I would have to take the 78. If you have a cool enough turntable, you can still play those.

Who's the real star of Drug Front?

Well I do hate to repeat myself, but the real star is who I mentioned above as the most annoying - Lemon Cookie from Runny. Not only is the guy dripping with talent from every pore and orifice, but (and I hate to give up his real identity - he is going to be pissed!) you and your readers will recognize him from Cabin Boy, There's Something About Mary and his small role as a navy sailor in The Abyss. Those who are a little more 'old school' will remember him as the guy under the stairs from David Letterman's show.

Drug Front mascot?

We don't have one per se, but we really like those photoshopped images of babies smoking and drinking beer.



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