Monday, February 18, 2013


Untamed Youth: Wooly Bully


Who are you?

Deke Dickerson, singer/guitarist of the Untamed Youth and many other bands.

Who are you wearing?

Wait, is this a trick question? "Who" as in, what designer am I wearing? I believe the designer's name is Sears & Roebuck. Do bands talk about this kind of stuff now that they're all wearing beards and skinny jeans?

Favorite episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

"The Skydivers," only because it's the only chance I've ever had to see Jimmy Bryant perform the song "Ha So" in the film, which appears to be unavailable anywhere else other than the MST3K version. And, of course, they make fun of Jimmy and his band and the song, but that's what they're supposed to do!

Why are you so untamable?

Well....I introduce all Untamed Youth reunion shows now by announcing that we will be performing Untamed Youth songs even though we are now tame and old...

Favorite act at the Norton Festival?

I'm biased. The Randy Fuller Four, even though I played in the band.  We had all wanted to see a Bobby Fuller Four reunion for so long, and it was so good I think it exceeded everybody's expectations. People are still coming up and shaking my hand about that set. I think we done good.

Favorite Billy Miller story?

That's hard to say, because there are thousands. I'd have to say that I personally enjoy the fact that Billy repeats the same great stories over and over again, but he always gets so damn excited telling the stories that I never let him know he's already told me the same story a dozen times. Every retelling is as hilarious as the first time!

Favorite Mexican wrestler?

Mexican? Does it have to be Mexican? My favorite wrestler is Sweet Daddy Siki, a Jamaican guy who lived in Toronto and wrestled for fifty years. He used to come out with snow white hair in a big conk, gold lame shorts and a mirror. They'd interview him and the whole interview he'd look at himself in the mirror and talk about how good looking he was. Sweet Daddy Siki even made a country western album in the 1960' it! Great stuff. I used to see him on TV wrestling in the midwest until the late 1980s.


Craziest show you ever played?

Again, hard to distill thousands of shows into one memory....but if I had to pick one, it would be when we had our bass player "Mace" jello wrestle women as the opening act to one of our shows.  We worked for WEEKS making jello and storing it in this giant refrigerator in our buddy's house.  It was the biggest mess you've ever seen. Then Mace had to play the show covered in dried jello.

What's the better song: Louie Louie, Psycho or Money?

Louie Louie, because it's impossible to screw up, and everybody can join in.  I'd have to personally choose "Wooly Bully" as my favorite song of all time, though.

What is your message for the kids?

Don't do it unless you're having fun doing it.


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