Monday, February 18, 2013


The Disconnects: The healthiest band in rock n roll.


Who are you?

Well, we are blue-jean boppers, non-stoppers, gypsies, poets, priests, we want the most but will take the least. We're easy action, a psychotic reaction, freaks, deviants, our suede shoes aren't blue, we're born to lose. We're waitin for our man, we don't wanna hold your hand. We're night time critters, with the pre show jitters. We're the picks of the litter, we use more hairspray than Little Richard! We're over the top, but under the radar. We're THE DISCONNECTS and we're on at about 8:30 on Friday February 1st @ The Powerpop-A-Licious Fest!

Who are you wearing?

Only the finest thrift store Hawaiian shirts available!

Who in the band looks best in bowling shoes?

I think out of us all, Tommy could pull it off the best, Joe is a close second!

Best bowler in the band?

I gotta say Anthony could out-bowl us all. Tommy may disagree, we'll have to see!

Favorite Paul Collins song?

Nerves - "When You Find Out".

Paul Collins Beat - "That's What Life Is All About".

So many great ones, ya can't pick a bad one!

What is powerpop?

Best way to stay healthy in a rock n roll band?

There are many, many ways to stay healthy in a rock n roll band. Let's start out with your morning. You're going to want to get up at 2PM and put on that pot of coffee. Drink no fewer than 4 cups while chainsmoking and listening to your favorite records. What a day you've had so far! A rocker has to eat, right? Put on your tight pants and leather jacket and lets get some chow! Now, The Disconnects food of choice to fuel the Rock N Roll machine is hot dogs (preferably from a cart)! Ya can never have too many! If hot dogs aren't your thing, follow Manitoba's word and hit the White Castle! Or Burger King! Hey, Joey Ramone met her at the Burger King, he fell in love by the soda machine! Now that you're all fueled up for the night time, it's time to head out! Find your local dive bar, or a good show. Our drink of choice to maintain the healthy complexions we have is Budweiser and Jack Daniels. Don't be a wimp and order some fruity drink! When ya get up to go to the bathroom leave your drink out in the open and hope maybe someone drugs you (hey, drugs aren't cheap these days!). Stay till last call and then find a party to crash, this should take you to that crucial 5AM hour where you have the choice to crash out till 2 the next day and repeat the cycle or just stay up! Sleep is for pussies!

33 or 45?

Love this question! Our 7'' plays at 33 and our 12'' plays at 45! We're partial to collecting singles so we'd have to go with 45!

Who would win in a guitar solo fight between The Disconnects & The Connection?

Wooboy! Starting trouble are ya now? I saw The Connection in NYC maybe like a year and a half ago (maybe longer) and they killed! I'm really picky with bands, espcially new ones, but they were awesome. A really pure stripped down Rock N Roll sound. Although, I think we could take em! I'm more interested in a skee-ball battle over at the Pinball Museum!

What's your message to the kids?

Pick up a guitar, put on Chuck Berry records and LEARN. Keep it simple and real. Other than that, some more advice would be to never take advice from The Disconnects. Go to as many shows as you can, support bands, buy their records. Get your friends into it, and make a ton more friends! Don't be afraid to be who you are all the time. Be a part of something, and what better to be a part of than Rock N Roll?!

I'd also like to say, to check out some really cool NJ Punk Rock music visit our label's website BALDYLONGHAIR.COM and support them, they are fantastic! Only vinyl and tapes! Also go to THEDISCONNECTS.COM and keep in touch with us, we love all you weirdos!


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Upcoming shows:


February 1st, 2013 (great bands playing on February 2nd too!)

Cake Shop (152 Ludlow St., NYC)




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