Monday, February 18, 2013


Steel Tigers of Death: The Pope's favorite band.


Who are you wearing?

We tend towards the little known Latverian designer Humboldt Von Crackypants. He manages to combine a sense of whimsy and vomit stains. Also, filthy bunny suits.

Best way to defend yourself against a tiger attack?

Go limp. Then buy a round of shots.

What's your five year plan?

Year one, extend our global media domination. Year two, play a sold out show at the Acropolis. Year three, take some time for travel and self reflection a la Eat Pray Love. Year four, ??????? Year five, profit!

Is it better to be in a band in Seattle or New York?

Oh god, Seattle is so much better. The rent is cheaper, the weather is nicer, and drummers all have vans. Also, the rivers are made of whiskey, and all the guards have wooden legs.

How grunge are you?

On a scale of one to Soundgarden, we're the Archies.


Who's your favorite Playboy bunny?

Remington Steele: Marilyn Monroe

El Tigre: Marilyn Manson

Bradley Of: Rin Tin Tin

Michael Deth: only reads Soldier of Fortune

Describe your most precious moment.

When the band got together to explain the facts of life to Bradley Of. Look for the after school special telling the full story this fall.

Best thing to order at an Indian restaurant?

Italian food. Oh, and garlic naan.

Favorite zoo animal?

True story: Remington Steele can hear the zoo monkeys screeching from his house. Not true story: El Tigre was raised by monkeys and looks a lot like Christopher Lambert as a result.

Message to the Seattle youth?

Spend your money at our merch table.



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