Sunday, February 17, 2013


Eric Davidson: Brooklyn rock n roller via Ohio. Singer of the New Bomb Turks and Livids, DJ, music journalist, and author of 'We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001'.
Who are you wearing?
I think her name is Suzy, but Miller Lite was $2 a can last night, so...

What makes you livid?
What else? Rick Santorum; any band that Stereogum claims I "missed" at SXSW; and that nagging spectre of "death."


Weirest bill you've ever played on?

Last summer, New Bomb Turks shared a big Spanish festival stage with Bright Eyes and Band of Horses, right before Brian Setzer and Thin Lizzy (don't ask) played on the other. On our first European tour we played a small fest, right before Janis Ian and Radiohead. And Livids opened for Bon Iver in Toledo last year. Wait, no we didn't. Whew, thank god.

Will you ever learn?
Ask Suzy.

Who’s your dream interview?
On the TCM "Essentials" couch with Rose McGowan; Brock Linahan; and... Oh wait, I think maybe you mean who would I like to interview? That's easy -- Gloria Graham, or maybe Nicholas Ray. Oh, they have to be alive? Hmm... I don't know, Paul Westerberg? Jimmy Carter? Mick Jagger? Chris Elliot? Hillary Clinton? Lebron James? Phil Spector? Little Richard?
Fuck, marry kill: Eric the New Bomb Turk, Eric the Livid, Eric the writer.
Not sure I understand this question, and I think it's missing a serial comma. So if you mean, "Who would one rather fuck, marry, and then kill?" -- it'd probably be Eric the writer. 

Best band: The Spaceshits, King Khan and BBQ, or Mark Sultan solo?
Tough one, but overall I guess King Khan & BBQ. The Spaceshits were the best live, though.

Since you’re a star interviewer, what one question would you ask Guitar Wolf? (We'll ask em when we interview them at the show!)
Well, I did ask Guitar Wolf himself a few questions for my book, but he was very sick in the hospital at the time. I guess I'd ask him, "What was the longest you ever went without peeling off your sweat-soaked leather pants?"

If there was a dish called the Eric Davidson, what would it be?
Best served...shaky! And with a side of Unique Splits "Sprouted" Pretzels. Something with lentils, broccoli, Count Chocula, some spicy hummus, seitan, a 2009 Carmenere... Ah, there's already a vegan version of the "New Bomb Turkey" sandwich, and believe me, that's more than enough! I could barely stand after eating it.
Would you prefer to be in a John Waters film or a Jim Jarmusch film?
John Waters. I imagine the hangers-on on set would be more fun to hang out with.
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