Monday, February 18, 2013


Fright Barker and Sons: In summation, get naked.


Who are you?

We are all sons of Francis (frightful) Barker, who was a successful Louisiana restauranteur who decided music was the best way to bring in clients. He forced his family to learn how to play and from that point, legacy only. We're all his sons, hence. Fright Barker and Sons. Fright be dead though.

Who are you wearing?

The tanned skin of my foes.

Best sex position to have only sons and no daughters?

Conga line.

Favorite Clive Barker book?

Do comix count? Ummm...ummm…books of blood….ummm ummm...Cabal.


What scares you?

A quick finger up the bum.

Favorite monster-fronted band?

The Sugar Cubes. That bitch be scary!

Andy G from The Devil Dogs said that saxophone players in rock n roll are the worst. Thoughts?

I think Andy had a shitload of other notable bands. Dogs kicked ass tho.

How ugly is your singer?

The kind of how that makes people wonder why they are still having the conversation. It's a content thing.

How many people on stage is too many?

Well, have you ever seen Ant Man Bee (VA), or any number of George  Clinton's projects? if you can, use the numbers!!!

What's your message for the kids?

There's no way to get through their heads, thick skulled, self-important "lazy slackjaw "aww muh gawd!!!-accent havin' shitfools, raised by smallbrains. The problem is that everybody is all mortified by communication. Not one person can look you in the goddamn eye and say, "Hey, it's part of what makes the whole scene so damn lame." Only the strongest of will can be bothered to support music, live or recorded. In summation, get naked.

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