Monday, February 18, 2013


George Tabb: Punk is dead.


Who are you?

I am Marshall George, rock God. With my big white Peavey, not even Thor could beat me in a fair fight. I am mighty! I am George!

Who are you wearing?

Besides my Prada suit, and my alligator shoes, which come directly from the swamps of okey-dokey, I am wearing Volume & Tone. The best men's leatherwear in the world! That's all you must know.

Favorite Jewish rock n roller?

Moses, of course. That guy can rock n roll with the best of them. Especially rock. Well, the big rocks. With writing on them. Oh, and Jesus, that guy sure did a lot of gigs! The only problem was, I heard he used to hang around afterwards.

If your dogs had a band, what would be the name of the band?

The Yorkshire Terrorists!

Best videogame soundtrack?

Zelda. Green cap down.

Band you were in that your parents hated the most?

Actually that would be my first band, Roach Motel. My parents thought I started playing songs to sound like the Ramones. But when I was done writing songs, it sounded more like a cross between The Dead Boys and Black Flag. Plus, songs like Teenage Abortion and Deathsquad were not up their alley.


Best Ramones drummer?

You know, I do enjoy hearing Marky play the most. That said, that guy hates me because I did not allow him in Furious George. So I don't like him back. Tommy was a great drummer and a wonderful human being. Actually, I think Richie Ramone was the coolest. He was fast, mean, and funny! Plus, he wrote great songs!


If you were to cast the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a NY punk cast from the 70s, who would play each character?

Well, I for one, would be Frank N Furter. I've always dreamt of singing Sweet Transvestite.


And Tish and Snooki should play Columbia and Magenta.


Oh, that Meatloaf guy could play Eddie the biker.


Definitely Joey Ramone for Riff Raff.


And of course, Thor could play the monster! Or Von LMO!


And last, but not least, as Brad and Janet I would cast Stiv Bators and Brooke Shields!


Oh, and the narrator should be played by Hilly Krystal, who had a deep, dark, pendulous voice.


Oh and Bobby Steele as Dr. Von Scott!


What makes you furious?

Fish, no Diet Coke in the house, and guests.

What is your message for the kids?

Punk is dead. Too bad you missed it. Start your own revolution. Volume & Tone.


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