Monday, February 18, 2013


Glen Matlock: Hasn't been in The Groundhogs.


Who are you?

Glen Matlock.

Who are you wearing?


Punk or power pop?

Power Punk.

Best euphemism for a penis?

Hampton ( Wick - Dick ).

Tell us a secret about Iggy Pop.

He likes the small black marks on his hands

How rich are you?

Ain't sitting on a goldmine but I don't care, need no more than a little spare.

Best Clem Burke story?

Could have an interesting sideline as an alternative stand up comic.

Biggest misconception about you?

That people doubt I really am such a top geezer.

Are there any British bands you haven’t been in?

The Groundhogs.

What’s your message for the kids?

Listen to your dad.


Listen to Glen Matlock here:



Glen Matlock on the Internet


Check out Glen Matlock live in NYC TONIGHT (Wednesday, November 14th) at The Cutting Room (44 E. 32nd St.)!

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