Monday, February 18, 2013


The Golden Boys: The best band in Austin...sometimes.


Credit: Renate Winter

(The record Bryan is displaying isThe Celebration Of Hunger by the magnificent SPIDER BAGS)

Who are you?

Five handsome dudes.

Who are you wearing?


Would you prefer to have a golden gun, a golden compass or a green thumb?

We have a green thumb. Probably a golden compass that talks.

Do you have the midas touch?

98% of the time.

Favorite Golden Girl?

The ones at the show.

Do you buy gold?

No, not yet. We are still broke.

Dead boys, The Boys or The Golden Boys?

The Kinks.

Are you the best band in Austin? If not, who is?

We are sometimes. When we aren't, it's James Arthur's Manhunt, Rhett & Dean and The December Boys.

How did those fingernails got so dirty?

Lots of neglect and attention to other details.

What is your message to the kids?

Stop and say to yourself, "Am I doing this correctly?" Then seriously do a good job.


Listen to The Golden Boys here:



The Golden Boys on Facebook

Don't miss The Golden Boys at Cavestomp! at Local 269 (269 E. Houston, NYC) Saturday September 22nd with The Lost Crusaders, Spider Bags, Limes and The Residuals!

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