Sunday, February 17, 2013


Gone Bad: Like 20 Joan Jetts packed into a singer half the size of Joan Jett. And yeah, we know Joan Jett is tiny.


Who are you wearing?

Whatever was on Tommy’s Tavern’s floor that night. But you should really be asking Emily about clothes - she has her own clothing line. Sometimes we are wearing stuff she made.

Who has the best and worst tattoos?

Andy probably has the best one. He’s got a giant baby’s head on his ass. The worst, that would be Emily. Hers were all done with invisible ink so you can’t even see them.

When did you go bad?

The obvious response here would be birth…and I think we’re just gonna go with that.

How does it smell when you go bad?

Going bad is a lifestyle. Does your BO or your shit smell the same every day? NO. It’s ever changing.

Who is gonna play you in the GONE BAD biopic?

Coco would be played by Karen Allen, who played Katy, Boon’s girlfriend in Animal House. Emily, Andy and Gretchen will be CGI animations.

How can your singer be so small and kick so much ass and be so scary all at the same time?

The spirit of rock n roll can embody many, many forms. Right now, it’s been living inside Coco for the past 27 years. That’s probably why.

Best way to kick a guy out of your bed in the morning?

Start quoting Jim Morrison poetry. Full passages. We’re not talking song lyrics, we’re talking full passages of his poetry.

We’re gonna do a little free association. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we say, leather pants?

Jim Morrison.

Stranger Danger?

Jim Morrison.


Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison.


The dude that played Jim Morrison in Wayne’s World 2.


Ray Manzarek.

Best period for Rod Stewart’s hair?

Anything accompanied by spandex. I want some dick outline to accompany some nice fluffy bleach blond hair.

Punk as fuck or fuck as punk?

Fucking comes before everything. 



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