Monday, February 18, 2013


Guitar Wolf: GUITAR WOLF!!!


Who are you wearing?

Guitar Wolf own brand and Elvis Presley.

Best song to kill a zombie to?

Guitar Wolf song Tokyo Zombie is the best song to kill a zombie.

Does size matter?


Who has the oldest comb in the band?

Our old bass player has the oldest comb.

If Guitar Wolf were an American band, what would be the biggest difference?

If we were American I would be in many scandals with many actresses.

Rock or roll?

The roll part!

What is the best place to buy a comb in New York?

I don't use a comb anymore. But we used to buy them all at Harajuku in Tokyo.

Who was the first Japanese rock n roll band?

Carol, a '70s band. For the Japanese rock n roll scene, they were the Sex Pistols of Japan.

What gives you the summertime blues?

Today is the anniversary of Billy's (Bass Wolf) death, seven years ago. So that gives me the summertime blues.

Free association. 5 6 7 8s?



Goner Records.


Pay to Play.

It's just a system.

Wild Zero.


I've been very happy.

Wild Zero or the Wild One?

He is my designer so I can't criticize.

We have a question from Eric Davidson from the New Bomb Turks. What's the longest you've ever gone without peeling off your sweat soaked leather pants?

It's dangerous if I don't take off my pants often. They become a lethal weapon. If I keep them long enough, maybe some meat company will want to buy them from me to kill the cows.

We also have a question from Mick Collins. He wrote his question in Japanese: それは待ち、世界、 Guitar Wolf マンガ、ときに私達はそれを見るのか ?

He is asking, when will there be a Guitar Wolf manga? There is one now. We are selling it on this tour! 



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