Sunday, February 17, 2013


Habibi: four cool chicks who churn out simple, catchy stripped down garagey rock n roll tunes in the great state of Brooklyn.
Who are you wearing?
Who? I am wearing a Beavis and Butthead t shirt with a stenciled Evis photographs on it, so those three boys, and currently nothing else.


What is the thing you regret the most doing at SXSW?

Um, I generally don't regret things. The last thing I regret doing was letting someone else cut my hair. There wasn't one decision that went awry whilst in Austin. 

Would you prefer to have your own HABIBI brand of make up or your own HABIBI brand of hot sauce (maybe called Wasabibi)?
Whoa. Hot sauce, dude. We can never find any hot enough. If there was a Habibi hot sauce it would burn you something fierce. 
Would you rather record with Phil Spector or play with Ike Turner?
Damn, I mean Phil was brilliant, but there is something to be said about Ike's rawness. I like rawness captured. I think Habibi is a lot more raw, and so I feel like it'd be more fitting to have Ike, although Phil could dress us up something nice, I think we'd vibe with Ike's vision more.
What would the all-male cover band of Habibi be called?
Habibti naturally. Habibi is the male conjugation, its what you call your man, so the dude band would be Habibti, the female conjugation, what you call your lady.
Were your born bad and the society made you nice or you were born nice and the society made you bad?
Pappy was a pistol and I'm a son of a gun.
Best part of being an american band on a french label?
It makes us sound like we knew what we were doing at the time.
What would the Habibi PSA be about?
It'd go something like, "Hey dudes, let's be nice to each other, buy some whiskey, take it to a swimming hole and get wet."
Who is the smoothest and sweetest talker im the band?
Karen; she's got that smooth Queens accent. I'm prolly the sweetest talker, because I always have to talk our way out of every shitty situation we get into.
Best part of being in a band without dudes?
Spooning your bandmate without feeling some unwelcomed morning wood pressed against you. 
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