Monday, February 18, 2013


Handsome Dick Manitoba: bar owner, front man and ass kicker.


Who are you?

I am a clean and sober, NYC Jewish, NY Yankee fan, as the JEWelry around my neck will tell you. When Fred Blassie died, I became the "KING OF MEN"...when Sammy Davis Jr. died, I became, "The WORLD'S GREATEST ENTERTAINER."

Who are you wearing?

Blue and grey striped underwear from The Gap.

Are you more handsome on the inside or the outside?

Whilst the outside is more obvious, if you dig REALLY DEEP DOWN, like nine layers, which will take about four years, you would see that my insides win, by a mile.

What's easier: owning a bar or fronting a band?

HA HA HA!.....Fronting a band. There's a limit to the dysfunction, 'cause there are a finite amount of members to deal with. Their SHIT is constricted to a fixed amount of members. Owning a bar consists of dealing with an ENDLESS array of drunk knuckleheads!image

What is the most Canadian thing you did when you toured Canada?

Got a BJ from "RAMONA" in MANITOBA.

Favorite wrestling move?

Any concealed weapon used to do bodily harm, illegally.....Legally?.....The Figure Four Leg Lock.

Favorite outfit to wrestle in?

Nike or Adidas black running pants, w/white stripe, and a white wife beater.

Best thing about playing in a band with Dean Rispler?

Getting to make fun of his lame taste in music, AND the fact that he is a great bass player, and absolutely a "DREAM" to work with. That's why, after having such a difficult time working with ex-bandmates,"The Dream" is just that. And, everywhere we go, he knows people. Who love him. Damn, he might be more popular than me!


What would get someone thrown out of your bar?

Drinking from a concealed bottle of booze. And...disagreeing with ME, of course!

What is your message to the kids?

Do what I SAY, Don't DO what I DO/DID!

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