Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Jacques Le Coque: Is that a coque in your pocket or are you just happy to see me ?


Where are you?

At the living room record player in the House Of Jacques in Stamford, having "A Gene Vincent Record Date".

Bar fight or cock fight?

Bar fight, but only if it can end Pee Wee Herman style, which is to say, no fight at all. I believe in the power of tequila and a sweet pair of white shoes.

Favorite mime?

Before he was Ziggy or The Man Who Fell From Earth, David Bowie put on a pair of tights that may have given Jareth from Labyrinth a run for his money.

What's the furthest someone should drive to play in Connecticut?

I don't know. Far? Who's playing? Come play our house! Actually, we've played a lot of great shows in New Haven. Estrogen Highs and Medication are based around there. Stefan from E. Highs and his girlfriend Kryssi ran Popeye's Garage, literally a garage behind a Popeye's Chicken. That was an awesome venue that hosted a lot of bands from all over, they were around for about two years. Cafe Nine and Elm Bar host some great bands and some house shows still pop up now and again!

How does it feel to be the best band in Connecticut?

Your words, not mine! Um, warm, fuzzy, and kind of dirty I guess?

Is that a coque in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?

I've got a "Cock In My Pocket" and I'm happy to see you know your Stooges.

If you had the choice, would you prefer to not shower for a week or wear the same clothes for a week?

"I already do both of these things." -our drummer.

When will you grow up?

Are my parents going to read this? Next question.

Tell us a funny story about Mark Sultan.

We spoke briefly about the banality of cover bands, leading to trying to figure out the name of a Yes cover band. Possibly? Probably? Certainly? In All Likelihood?

What is the best advice you ever got?

Fear Is A Man's Best Friend. Actually, so is our cat, Otis Redding. Still a great John Cale song, though.

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