Monday, February 18, 2013


Light Bulb Alley: They played with the Lyres, goddamnit!



Who are you wearing?

I cannot remember their name.

Dirtiest thing you've done in an alley?

Put my jacket in a mud puddle for a lady and she walked all over it and walked over my heart.

How many times have you been arrested?

Do drunk tanks count?

Chicken or the egg?

Is it crossing the street or in a frying pan?

Best thing about touring the evil English part of Canada?

Speaking French.

Any good tour stories?

We were crashing at this dude's house...I don't know how we ended up there...but this guy was the spitting image of Anthrax!!!! FUCKIN' Anthrax, man!!!!! This guy walked, talked and looked like Anthrax. IT MUST HAVE BEEN HIM!! He had skin tight black jeans, a mullet, and a leather vest with no shirt underneath. Offered us food, beer and Jamaican Patties!! Anthrax was a true gentleman!


Later on, as we were going to sleep in the living room talking about how much we love our girlfriends, this chick turns on the light and is topless in a G string! She says, "Don't mind me," as she is looking for something in the living room...she goes off in another room and all we hear is "GASH WHACK AHHHHH." We looked in the other room and some dude was getting whipped by this naked dominatrix! It was intense. I had to ask this topless lady for street directions to go find Karlo who missed the whole thing! It was very distracting. She kept asking me, "Are you listening?" and I was like, "Ahhh, can you repeat that last part please?"

Anyway, we have been joking that we should take Anthrax on tour, pour our beer, give us cigarettes, and give us Jamaican patties! We even saw this great holy Anthrax LP looming at us from the wall at a record store in London, Ontario. It was like a religious Anthrax experience! Thank you, Anthrax. You are a inspiration and a hero to Light Bulb Alley!!

Any good Bobby Beaton stories?

Yeah, he's in the Gruesomes!! A story in itself!

Best band in northern Canada?

Maybe Diga Wolf, my friends from my home town, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. 

Why dont you get a haircut, ya hippie?

I really want to but I keep spending my haircut money on beer and touring!

In what way are the Allisteretes are a better band than Light Bulb Alley?

Tony Lo FI! And two mermaids.

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You can download Pepper Spray by Light Bulb Alley on We Love Trash - The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 7 HERE (you have to be a member of the Hideout)

Catch Light Bulb Alley in New York this Friday, May 11 at their Cavestomp show at Parkside Lounge, with M.O.T.O., The Electric Mess, The Mess Around and the Bamboo Kids. RSVP HERE!

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