Monday, February 18, 2013


Party Lights: Vodka, milk & sugar is not a real mixed drink.


photo credit: Charles Wyatt

Who are you?

Dave: I am Dave. I am here to answer questions awkwardly, and play drums poorly.

Joan: Joan da bass player.

Who are you wearing?

D: Liquid Courage, by Anheuser Busch.

J: Ehm... what?

Tell us about your favorite party when you were in high school.

D: Once, when my parents, brother and sisters went away, I threw a week long party called Smilowpalooza. Windows were broken, virginities were lost. Potpourri was spilled. I had a friend tell me that vodka, milk and sugar was a real mixed drink. It's not. The dog had fun, though.

J: I didn't/don't party. I was/am a serious person. No, really.

Pool party or pizza party?

D: Pizza. Any party where I don't have to take off my shirt is a good party.

J: Pizza at a pool party, of course. But I wouldn't really know since I didn't/don't party. No, really.

What is power pop?

D: Bar music for lovers of beer and also for weirdos.

J: Duh. Power pop = Party Lights!

What is your least favorite Cheap Trick song?

D: "Surrender". It makes me want to purchase a car or panties or a household cleaner or something.

J: Probably "The Flame". What a stalker song!

What is the most pop thing you've done in your life?

D: Trying out to be a contestant on "World Series of Pop Culture". This is true. Pat Kiernan told me to shut my smart mouth. And then he spit on me.


J: As in popular? Gee...probably yoga. Ohm.

What popular current artist should cover a Party Lights song?

D: Rhianna should do "Desire". Because it would be terrible. And I want to hear a Caribbean robot sing songs about statutory rape.


J: Lamb of God. Most definitely. What do you mean that Lamb of God is not a popular current artist?

Favorite thing to do when you turn off the light?

D: Spend some quiet time thinking about all of the sins I've committed during the day.

J: Zzz...

What is your message for the kids?

D: Keep it kosher, kids.

J: Don't swallow gum.


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