Monday, February 18, 2013


The Enthusiasts: Happy to be rockin'.


Who are you?

I am Joey Ghostly, frontman of The Enthusiasts.

Who are you wearing?

A thick head o' hair and a half pack o' Reds.

What are you the most enthusiastic about?

I am most enthusiastic about playing music and having the means to record it myself on my own terms. For the last 7”, not only did we record it ourselves, but we also got to put it out independently as the first release on my label, Magic Sleeeve Records. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to create this product, this record, basically from scratch. For the single we recorded on this old beat up Tascam 488 that had three broken inputs, and it keeps getting weirder and less functional as the days pass. (Any of you Avant-gardos out there would dig the arbitrary pitch warping on this baby). So I saved up and got a sweet used Tascam 688 cassette 8-track, and our soul brother Will Vahey bought us this unique analog reverb unit, and now we’ve been hard at work recording tracks for a full length. And that, I am VERY enthusiastic about. Especially all the wailing fuzz guitar licks.

I’m also real psyched about my new glam garage band in the works called THE JEANIES. Dylan (Enthusiasts drummer) is gonna be drumming on that. And I got this solo album coming, inspired by Roy Orbison and the ghosts that still roam the Brill Building. And if I got some time and money left from the recording frenzy that is 2012 I really wanna put out some other stuff on Magic Sleeeve. We’ll see, won't we…

Best dual solos?

This is one of the only times Page and Beck ever played guitar together at the same time in the Yardbirds. There's a helluva wailing dual solo before Jeff Beck smashes his guitar to bits.

‘Headin For The Texas Border’ by the Flaming Groovies is a sick one. We used to cover that one live until we realized it wasn’t worth shit without the dual solo, ha! Also, Allman Bros and Lynyrd Skynyrd mastered this art.

Meanest thing somebody told you after a show?

No one has ever been mean to us after a show.

Favorite 4 letter word?


Favorite Playboy Bunny?

Linda Gamble. She was “Miss April” in 1960. Uhhh…you were saying something about what I'm most enthusiastic about?


Does size matter?

That ain't a question for me. That’s a question for Linda over here. And her eyes are tellin' me yes.

Favorite band to play with?

We have a bad habit of keeping to ourselves for shows. But we really like playing with the BAXX SISIS! They are just awesome, definitely one of the coolest NYC bands and the nicest, most righteous dudes you can find.

Message to the kids?

Don’t think, DO.


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