Friday, March 1, 2013


The Magnolias: The only band in Minneapolis.

Who are you?

My name is John Freeman, Leader, rhythm guitarist and lead singer of the Magnolias.

Who are you wearing?

I'm wearing all black, white socks, Doc Martens, Boxer shorts with Christmas bulb theme.

Who in the band looks the best in bowling shoes?

Our drummer Pat McKenna looks best in bowling shoes.

Best bowler in the band?

Pat is the best bowler.

Favorite Paul Collins song?

My favorite Paul Collins song? Tough one, a lot of great songs... I'll say "Don't Wait Up For Me".

What is power pop?

Power Pop is something that keeps you up and awake for 48 years not five hours!

What is your American dream?

My Amercian Dream? I wrote a song called American's the lead track from our new album Pop The Lock.

What s the worst thing you ever ate on tour?

The worst thing I have ever eaten on tour? Hmmmm?? Ok...a hamburger I ordered in an Oklahoma truck stop. It came with mayo on it, I can't stand mayo, I sent it back to the kitchen. Two minutes later another hamburger came on a plate. They had scraped the mayo off and out it on a new bun. I actually did not eat it and walked out of the restaurant and ate peanuts.

Best thing about being a rock n roll band in Minneapolis?

We're the only band in the city.

What is your message for the kids?

Pull up your fucking pants.
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