Monday, February 18, 2013


Kim Fowley: We're speechless. Just read the interview.


Who Are you?

The Devil.

Who are you wearing?

No Bath Smells.

Whose trash is your treasure?

Dirty girls with mongoloid drip.

What is the best thing about Muck and The Mires?

Their humanity.

Did you throw shit or bricks at the Runaways?

Sticks and Bottles.

Is hell real for you?

It is Planet Earth.

Can you guess what I'm thinking of right now?


What is the most depraved thing you've done on stage?

My cock was sucked by a dirty LSD bitch... a fire dept official saw it happen. I was banned for 10 years from performing in LA County.

What is the difference between touring the US and Europe?

The diseases.

Describe a typical day in the doggie palace.

In the Catbox in The Sky... Dirty Girls Get Fucked on the Rug by the Cat Toys.

Gene Simmons or Gene Vincent?

GS for brains. GV for evil.

Did the Dickies really drive for you?

Scott Goddard, who wrote songs for them, did the driving.

What is your best Canadian story?

Weird romance with Anastacia.

What is the worst record ever made?

Enjoy Yourself by The Jackson 5.


Best band at Norton Fest?

The Sonics.

What's your favorite kind of cake to eat off your girlfriend's ass?


Are you outrageous, bad or an international hero?


What is your message for the kids?

If you can come in your own mouth, you can save lots of problems from happening in your life.


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