Monday, February 18, 2013


Labretta Suede and the Motel 6: Meow for now!


Who are you?

Labretta Suede - Rock 'n' roller, ex-drummer, bass player, junior guitar player - enough to bang out a song.

Rock 'n' Roll broadcaster & vocalist with big hair, a big voice, big dreams, attitude, spunk, sass, moxy, class and lover of US automobiles pre-1970's.

All this in a very small package.

I am originally from the Greek Island of Lesbos but was brought up in Auckland, New Zealand. we call New Zealand 'Aotearoa'.

That is the Maori name for it and means 'land of the long white cloud'. A country made up of three beautiful islands so very far across the world from here the USA. Although, strangely my vocals, musicianship, big hair, big voice, big dreams, attitude, spunk, sass, moxy, class and love for big cars brought me here to New York City & the U.S of A.

Who are you wearing?

Some dead 50's movie-stars lingerie, my own sweat and the kisses of every fan.

Is hell real to you?

I don't believe hell is an 'after you're dead and gone' thing. I believe we pay our dues before we go.

Although, I do believe we make your own destiny and that hell is what we go through to get to that destination.

If you are ambitious, you will find obstacles and people that want to get in your way or drag you down. So dealing with all of that is a form of hell. That, and being on the bread line from being an artist of some kind - is its own form of hell too.

So to answer your question, "Is hell real to you?" Yes!

What is your favorite dance movie?

Hellzapoppin from 1941. The dance scenes are spectacular, hilarious, blood pumping and wild-wild!

Creepiest motel you've been in?

The Grand Hotel in Hellensville, New Zealand. It's amazing but also very creepy. The wall paper is so old it comes alive and has so many stories to tell. It's kind of like the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining.


Is it worse to be dirty or dumb?

Definitely dumb! I have curbed my ways over the past few years but I am really not good at suffering people that are dumb.

There is absolutely no reason for it these days! Everyone has access to education and information via schooling, a library, the internet.

As much as it is a blessing and a curse, the world has gone global and so has information. You can search and find anything these days.

And you also have the opportunity and freedom to discover and do anything. So why be dumb? After all, being dirty can be so much fun!

Favorite thing about New Orleans?

That's a tricky one to narrow down to just one.

Let's say the exciting and foreboding flavour, its energy and culture. Its Voodoo!

How many people have tried to touch you on stage and how many of them did you kick in the teeth?

Ha! Strangely, you have summed it up for me. That is in fact my usual reaction. That, or kicking their drink outta their hand and into their own face.

It also depends on what kind of touching though too. Some are genuinely just reaching out to touch your hand or something.

Although, it is kinda hard to touch me these days as the performance has just gotten more and more energetic and I think people either can't find the right time or are just a little freaked out by it all. Just how many though, hmm....that's a tricky one since I have been performing and on stage for so many decades. I really get into quite a zone on stage, so I come off not really remembering what I did or what happened.

Thanks to those that take photos at our shows, otherwise I'd have no idea what went on and be tempted to believe my band.....

What kind of mermaid are you - the nice kind or the evil kind?

After playing both 2012 & 2013's Coney Island's Mermaid Parade Balls, I do believe I am the little one. Ha! I do bite you tell me.

I have seen some pretty freakin' strange looking, ill fitted mermaids in the past few years. So I'll stick to option C, the little one.

What is your message to the kids?

Rebel and be unruly while you can because the world will try its best to beat the fun outta ya!

I want to stop the kids for just a moment from their technological world. During a show, I want to get them to loosen up, lose it, get unhinged with us and enjoy rock n roll for what it is. A spectacle! To push them to get sexy, get dangerous, get outta control!

The youth seem so strange to me. They are like little administrators, they know where they are, where their friends are, what's going on at every minute of the day due to their dependency to the internet and their space phones....

I never used to know any of that stuff, nor did I care. My Mum not knowing where I was was great! My friends not knowing where I was or what I was up to gave me freedom and added to the appeal of seeing someone after a week or so.

I grew up in a world where whatever I was interested in I had to search for, fight for, rebel to make it happen.

Many of the youth just don't seem that creative anymore. They know how to steal and plagiarize from the fucking internet and from others but they don't spend enough time on their own to have an original thought, or to truly discover anything. So many of them just seem like little Republicans as they spend their time spending money in cafes and on food and silly things like that. I see them, they'll spend $30 on lunch in a cafe as I walk by.

Or is that just in New York? If I ever had $30 at one given time I would have taken that $30, bought a record and have gotten some booze to go listen and share with friends. I still do!

I believe you have to suffer for your art and to hold your head up proud. You especially have to be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. I mean, if there is no journey, then did it really ever happen? Or was it ever any good?

I put everything I have into my art and to who I am today. I have sacrificed everything. Moving away from everything I had, loved, owned, financial stability and so much more to mention. All this just to move to this ridiculous country to play music and it has not been easy.

I have been homeless, destitute, at the mercy of others, ripped off, loved, hated, lonely, plagiarized, miserable, idolised, enlightened, desperate, enriched and this has all been in just the three years of touring this country and living in NY. Some of these kids have never experienced any of this and they have been on this planet for 20 years.

So my message to the kids is, LIVE!


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