Monday, February 18, 2013


Lex Loser: Bloody Marys: Nutrition in a glass.


Where are you?

Heron: In transit.

Sierra: Well, we WILL BE at the CAKE SHOP on January 17th, and the GRAND VICTORY on January 25th...

Who’s the biggest loser in the band?

Heron: Me.

Sierra: It's true.

Favorite Superman villain?

Heron: Any Bizarro.

Bizareo Lex Luuther

Sierra: Superman is a pussy.

Favorite Cramps album?


Sierra: Totally. I shoplifted it on cassette from SAM GOODY when I was 15, along with BUTTHOLE SURFERS' Independent Worm Saloon. Still two of the biggest influences on me to date, in many ways.

Can your pussy do the dog?

Heron: My pussy has a weird relationship with the dog. She nurses off him.

Sierra: Her name is Circus Manager.

Biggest regret?

Heron: It's a very long story.

Sierra: MY biggest regret is not seeing the DRONES last time they were in NYC. Saw the BOREDOMS twice instead...

Best and worst part of being in a band with your husband?

Heron: Best: upper body strength. Worst: toenails.

Sierra: Best: If we were not in a band together, we would never get to see each other. Ever. Also, we can always have a band no matter where we go. As long as we are together, there will always be LEX LOSEr. Worst: Getting in petty drunken fights in front of our band mates. Incredibly awkward. For them. I could give two shits.

Favorite breakfast food?

Heron: Bloody Marys.

Sierra: That's right. Its NUTRITION, in a GLASS.

Who has the worst story about an ex in the band?

Heron: Our ex drummer once went home with a girl when he was really drunk and shit in her bed. And he went to work the next day in the same clothes.

Sierra: No, he pissed in her bed. Remember? He was informed that he smelled "Mad Hobo." He still plays tambourine with us sometimes...

What’s the meaning of life?

Heron: Girls, whiskey, and rock'n'roll! -OR- The meaning of life is appreciation of all things in moderation, a balance of flesh and spirit that embodies true harmony. It is a mutual respect and universal love. It is tolerance and empathy for all other life. In short: it is everything a good LOSEr abhors!

Sierra: I don't want no white man lookin at my tampax.


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Upcoming shows:


Thursday January 17th at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow St., NYC)


Friday January 25th at Grand Victory (245 Grand St., Brooklyn)


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