Monday, February 18, 2013


Lili Zeller: French punk royalty.


Who are you wearing?

I'm wearing what other people throw in the garbage.

What is your best talent?

Recycling, way!!!! (2 in 1 overlay accident from the photo lab)


Are you the french Poison Ivy?

She, Link Wray, Dave Davies and Mickey Hampshire were my first guitar heroes. The fewer chords the better. I was 17 - first thing I did was put the family's acoustic guitar on the bed and play "I Want You" by the Troggs with two fingers. Since I saw a picture of Ivy and her bush I stopped worrying about mine.

What are your thoughts on the bébé rocker scene in France?

Lame. For cradling I suggest Gino Bordin's "Hawaiian Berceuse", or this:

The CD on Grass Skirt Records is a gem!

What is your Voltage?

One blitz in each hand. I can't hug myself.


Any tips for French bands touring the US?

Don't try to sweet talk a cop who stops you for driving too fast like at home.

Gang of Four, 4 Non blondes or Splash Four?

Splash Four = Splash 1 (the 13th Floor Elevators' song) + the Fender Four


If Jean Rollin had written a vampire movie for you, what would be the name and the synopsis of the movie?

It would be exactly like that tune "Dracula" by Alain Kan. That guy was a legend even before he sang "Killer Man" and "Radio Flic" with Gasoline.

Are you more a cat or a dog person?

Royal Records, ROY 708, A side, second song. [Ed. note: that song is 'Meow'].

Any messages for the kids?

Oh yeah: waste and squander your youth! "Verschwende deine Jugend" as D.A.F. said.



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