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Little Seizures: Original New-York Pizza Punk...after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Who are you?

Squeaky: Squeaky Dave Wilentz. I play guitar. I have a mild case of Tourettes, which DOES NOT mean involuntary cursing. I speak Mandarin Chinese. I do the full splits. I love real rock and roll.

Dave: I’m Dave Harrison, and I play guitar and fall down on stage. Not on purpose.

Tommy: Tommy Perkins. I “sing”.

Who are you wearing?

Squeaky: A t-shirt of the 1974 Sony Chiba film THE STREET FIGHTER with the tagline 'IF YOU'VE GOT TO FIGHT - FIGHT DIRTY!’

Dave: Head to toe Ed Hardy gear. I’m taking pictures for my Craigslist personals ad.

Tommy: In terms of “what” I’m wearing the honest and somewhat pathetic answer is sweatpants. I don’t have any Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque dead-skin masks currently, so I guess “who” I’m wearing isn’t really an issue.

Can you take it?

Squeaky: No, can you dig it?

Dave: Can I bring it on the subway?

Tommy: I really hope this is a DEVO reference. Oh, wait, I just realized it’s a Little Seizures reference. In that case, no, I cannot take it anymore.

Favorite Consumers song?

Squeaky: I have that In the Red 12", "All My Friends are Dead." Cool stuff. I remember liking the first two songs the best, but don't recall the titles. I think those were the ones with the best hooks.


Any good Tim Warren stories?

Squeaky: I've heard some, but personally have only had peripheral encounters with him, like at WFMU and stuff.

Dave: When Crypt Records was still open in Brooklyn he gave me a good deal on the “Memphis Train” 45 by Rufus Thomas. He was wearing sunglasses the whole time, but I like to think that he shed a single tear seeing that record leave the shop.

Favorite ape in cinema?

Squeaky: Good question. I’ve gotta mention a childhood fascination with King Kong, and then discovering ridiculous B-movies like Robot Monster, which is a guy in an ape suit and a space helmet. There are some kung fu movies where guys fight men in ape suits. Those are always fun.

Tommy: The ape from the movie A*P*E gets two thumbs up for giving the finger. Also, the ape from Trading Places.

Dave: I’m going to go with Jim Belushi in the ape costume in Trading Places. The one that gets it on with the ape that Tommy mentioned above. Any movie where Jim Belushi gets some action is okay with me.

If Little Seizures were a cartoon band, what would be the plot of said cartoon?

Squeaky: Every episode would be a different adventure, like getting stranded on a desert island, or Tommy pulling a wrong switch and accidentally sending us into outer space.

Tommy: Hopefully it would be something similar to the G.I. Joe episode where the Dreadnocks form the band Cold Slither and hypnotize everybody, except instead of convincing them to support Cobra I’d just make them take us out for food and pick up the check. I’d also be willing to consider Destro and the Baroness as managers if it would help.

Dave: It would be us trying to book practice and the bad shit that happens to us when we try to get there, like getting stuck in elevators or getting in fights at health food stores.

Explain to me why ''Food Fight'' by The Village People is so good.

Squeaky: It's totally stupid, rambunctious punk rock and has organ. As close to sounding like "four guys in a garage" as those disco clowns would ever get, right? And it makes me wanna dance.

Dave: Because it makes Squeaky dance, which is always hilarious.

What is your favorite kind of pizza, punk?

Squeaky: I like most all of them. I love anchovies on pizza, so salty! I love New York slices, and am nostalgic for how they tasted when I was younger. And the brick oven, wood oven, all that stuff. Won't touch the $1 slices that have popped up lately. Smells funky.

Tommy: My favorite pizza of all time is Famous Pizza in Bethel, CT. However, I also eat the $5 “pizza” sold by our namesake and everything in between. Chinese Food places make pizza rolls too which are an efficient time saver if you aren’t near one of those quickie $1 slice places. My favorite type of pizza though is thin crust with meatball, bacon, sausage, roasted red peppers and raw onions. A couple close seconds are plain, grandma-style and tomato pie but not from most places that suck. I don’t like white pizza, buffalo chicken pizza or anything with anchovies, olives, or mushrooms. But, you can always pick stuff off so really I stand behind the “no slice left behind” platform.

What is your message for the kids?

Squeaky: Don't take everything for granted. Have fun. Be nice, and understand funny, there are people in this world who don’t like funny.

Dave: Bondage pants are never a good fashion choice.

Tommy: College was a waste of time.


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