Monday, February 18, 2013


The Live Ones: AKA "The Ones", "The Live Ones", "Live Ones", and "Oh well, I guess they'll never go away."


Who are you?

Jon, Mike, and Shane, collectively known as "The Ones", "The Live Ones", "Live Ones", and "Oh well, I guess they'll never go away."

Who are you wearing?

Wearing our souls like shields. Wearing our faith like wings. Mostly Levi jeans and old rock shirts.

What do you eat in the morning to rock hard?

Start with a gooey asphalt sludge. Then some hard gravel. Keep it simple.

Favorite Dean Rispler story?

No stories to report. He's a new accomplice. Wouldn't tell you if we did anyway. (Read Dean Rispler interview with us here).


Craziest show you ever played?

The 1st real show was at The Rock Star Bar under the bridge in Williamsburg. The stage was built of three platforms that began to separate as our rock began to work its magic on the crowd. As we struggled not to fall into the landslides happening all around us Jon suddenly snapped a string and his whole guitar went out of tune. The earth stood still...Rock Magic had been born again in Brooklyn!


Who is the most polite in the band?

Live Ones as a collective consider politeness a virtue. Anyone can have a bad day.

Favorite Young Ones episode?

??? I know of but don't know.

Favorite live album?

The Live Ones at Rocky's April '08, poised to shoot us to the top of the charts and beyond. I hope we can handle the fame...

Any good Fuzztones stories?

I have a very good Fuzztones story. Rudi Protrudi belongs in the pantheon of great modern American artists that includes Andy Warhol and Robert Williams. His art is intrinsically connected to his music. Go git it!

What is your message for the kids?

Kids, get as much schooling as you can early on.


Listen to The Live Ones here:

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Don't miss the Live Ones Saturday September 22nd at The Gutter in Williamsburg with The Piggies and The Jay Vons!

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