Sunday, February 17, 2013


Brooklyn's Living Kills: '60s psychedelic, organ-driven, noisy deliciousness.


Who are you wearing?

We are wearing Jim and William Reid on our sleeves, who are wearing Bo Diddley on their sleeves, and Bo Diddley is wearing a cobra snake for a necktie. And then a little of Anne's dress from Don't Deliver Us From Evil with some Trish Keenan thrown in.

Favorite breakfast food?

Through years of Kundalini Yoga and meditation we've moved beyond all but the most meager food. Our bodies can sustain themselves for months at a time on a handful of nuts and berries. Before elevating ourselves to this higher state of consciousness we enjoyed Slim-Jims.

What serial killer do you relate to the best?

The Zodiac Killer. The band has an affection for San Francisco, hotbed of psychedelic rock and the Zodiac's home during the '60s. Plus, we often look for communication from the Zodiac (in astronomy, not the killer). He was a talkative killer and never caught. Our favorite killer is Bobby Beausoleil of the Manson Family. He was in the Grass Roots, the band that became Love. He only killed one person though, so he isn't a serial killer.

If you could change something in the past or control something in the future, which would you pick?

We'd like Pigasus to have won the Presidency in 1968. Also, Roger Ebert should have continued with scriptwriting following his masterpiece Beyond The Valley of the Dolls.

Alabama or Connecticut?

Alabama, the drunken state. Alabama City is the capitol. The state bird is the Screamin' Jay.

Who do you miss most?

Lux Interior.

Regular movie that you wish was released in 3D?

The stuff that freaks us out: The Watcher in the Woods, The Peanut Butter Solution, and Children of the Stones or Psychomania.

Who has the best organ?

JB's organ is the best - she even has two, though one of them doesn't always work. At one time, she also had the largest Big Muff in the band. Now she uses the Little Big Muff. Erica uses a Russian Big Muff too, but her Muff is newer and smaller. Merrill ha a Muff too but he uses a different fuzz live.

Worst show you've ever played?

Well, there was one where we got there and the show was cancelled because the owner decided to renovate the space that day and forgot to tell everyone. But it was kind of cool too because we spent the rest of the night riding around in a pick-up truck and getting drunk.

Best way to kill a zombie?

Suicide. In Return of the Living Dead, a guy bitten by a zombie sets himself on fire in a cremation oven rather than return home to eat his wife's brain. It's one of the most romantic moments in film and Roky Erickson's song 'Burn The Flames' plays during the scene.

Is your gun really a fist?

It was. It was stolen. Now it misses me most.


The Living Kills will be playing Tuesday, April 3 at Brooklyn Bowl (61 Whythe Avenue, Brooklyn) with Des Roar, Bugs in the Dark and Seasick Mama, with our very own DJ Tony LoFi spinning crazy rock n roll between sets. More info can be found HERE.

This is hands down the best psychedelic bowling themed flyer we've ever seen:


The Living Kills are on Facebook HERE.

Also, on Tumblr HERE.

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